Broxburn Properties is a property development and management company based in Dundee.

Broxburn properties is a professional property practice experienced in the development of a wide range of commercial projects. We are proud of our reputation as a company that delivers superb building solutions to tight deadlines with market leading lease costs.

Our directors are closely involved in every project, managing architects and builders, timescales, materials and approvals. We have access to a bank of land and refurbishment opportunities across the country and a proven track record of success.

We are focussed on delivering high quality, cost effective solutions which delight our clients big and small. Our reputation is based on superb quality, careful attention to detail and excellent design. We are committed to creating high quality, cost effective, sustainable solutions.

For over twelve years we have been providing maturation facilities for some of Scotland’s foremost whisky distillers in locations around Scotland . We have a core team of developers and project managers which we augment with architects, surveyors and contractors experienced in delivering challenging industrial projects. We manage the entire process and lease back the warehouse to you.

The demand for whisky is growing rapidly with sales increasing across the world. This is creating pressure on the supply chain especially for maturation facilities where whisky can be safely and securely held to mature. At Broxburn Properties we provide flexible maturation facilities located close to your production or bottling plant, providing a cost effective alternative to building your own storage.

We also provide project management and developments in commercial, retail and housing.

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Cafe development in A Listed building